What you should know before buying the dental suction system?

Date de début : 16.08.2019
Date de fin : 26.03.2021
Description : There are two types of dental suction: wet suction and dry suction.
In the wet suction system no air-liquid separators are placed in the dental equipment, and both the liquids and the air are taken to the suction system. In this system, the suction motor works in dry, but the same device has an air-water separator, more efficient than the one usually placed in dental equipment, which ensures that no type of liquid reaches the motor. The liquids are sent to a drain that must be placed in the engine room.
The dry suction system gets its name because the air-liquid separation is carried out in the dental equipment by means of a centrifugal or decanting separator. In this way, all the liquid is taken to a drain that must be located under each of the dental units of the clinic.
When separating the liquid in each of the equipment, we need a separator and a drain for equipment, but we do not need drainage in the clinic’s machine room, since only dry air arrives in the suction system.

The first and most important when equipping your clinic with a dental aspiration system is to know if you prefer a dry or wet suction system.
Once you have acquired your aspiration system, it is very important that you take into account its cleaning and maintenance. It should be cleaned every day with a disinfectant to avoid unpleasant odors and also that the system clogs and stops working.

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